Muses and Muscle Memory Poetry Collection

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“Chris-Ann truly has a gift. Her uncanny ability to pull you into her world, while evoking treasured moments from your own experiences, reflects empathy, and true craftsmanship. Her collection not only narrates her own life’s questions, but beautifully and effectively reflects how others may also perceive the world, but are unable to find the words. Chris-Ann has not only found her voice, but has managed to help us find our own.”

R. Hamilton, @faithinmyname

“Let me tell you this… if [Chris-Ann] had a poetry reading night. I’d be there. That’s all.”

C. Thompson, @chanstillsings

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Part One: Where Memories Live

“Chris-Ann’s writing gave me insight into her values as well as my own, especially since the concept of memory is a topic that is of deep importance to me. I enjoyed wading through the still and troubled waters described in her poetry, from the human unease of growing older she alludes to in back to shore, to her longing for home in returning residents.

K. Vermont, @state_of_vermont

Part Two: A Muse Meant

“I do like that it gets deeper at the end. Reminds me of walking into a bookstore and seeing the popular things up front, but the complex/explicit things in the back.”

R. Southwell, @r_south

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  • Set of 3 or 4: 16 x 20 Inch
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